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King Of Grace by Seme is one song that you will want to listen to over and over again because the lyrics will resonate with you. According to the behind-the-song story from Seme, it all began with a reflection on many things. “I was thinking about how different our lives were to one another. We have different circumstances, […]

‘You Give Life’ has come to Youtube and other streaming services quite as anticipated, alongside a performance music video recorded live at ‘The Awakening Live ’19’  The stirring and atmospheric new single is lyrically simple yet powerful in its delivery – making it the perfect worship set song for churches across the globe as well as […]

Every time you hear that Marizu is releasing a new track, you know it is going to be something special. No Greater Love speaks of the all-encompassing love that God has for each and every one of us. How He laid down his life to save mankind. ‘In Christ, I am the best version of […]

Vorkay, the UK gospel artist and vocalist, cheerfully admits that her latest single, “He Saved Me” evolved over time from the original arrangement and lyrics that started about four years ago after taking a difficult decision to change her circumstance. The song paints a masterpiece with salvation as its subject — a fusion of Western […]

Purist Ogboi is one of the UK’s creative recording artist with gospel awards to confirm it. Her catalogue of songs ranging from Most High to Covered By the Blood is ready to hand you a source of exciting collection for streaming. Following a fantastic year, she has released the much anticipated single PSALM 23 (I Will Continue To Follow You), the seventh […]

Representing the UK Christian hip-hop genre and returning with his new single titled “Light Work” is Faiyabrand, the man “On Faiya For God”. Officially the song dropped on all significant platforms last Friday,  coinciding with his birthday and is a taster of what should make the upcoming 2020 ‘Keep Your Grind In Prayer‘ EP. Taking a […]

Naffymar wants to inspire, and most consumers of gospel music want to listen. The London-based singer is out with her third single this year along with visuals titled “iLive4U“.  This song talks about her convictions as a Child of God, affirms the reason for living, crediting the divine love that is pure and unchanging. (Download iLive4U […]

UK gospel artist RAE RAE has released a beautiful and uplifting track titled “Lay It All Down”. This new single dropped today and comes five months after ‘Forever’ which was a conversational love song to God.  Listening to ‘Lay It All Down’ is thrillingly calming as it expresses a heart that acknowledges that God is our safe […]

“Just a word from the Lord is all you need to turn every situation around”. Words can’t quantify the impact Diana Hamilton is making in the African gospel music space, from the United Kingdom to Ghana to the U.S.A, the African Gospel Chart-topping worshipper continues to bring heaven down with her back to back music […]

Jesus Christ, when He died for our sins gave as many as would receive Him the opportunity to become sons of God. When we become born again through Christ Jesus, we also become sons of God through the Spirit of God, Romans 8:14-17. DNA Test is a song that firmly proclaims the fact that we have […]

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