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It’s the Christmas season, what better time to reflect on how much God loves us and listen to a fresh vibe from Yandie who is not-so-quietly becoming one of the enjoyable singles gospel artists.

She has a new release titled Took A Chance, a song that takes listeners on the journey of reflection; call it a sequel to September`s prayer song, You`re Everything.

“This song is about me coming to the understanding that Jesus chose to come to Earth as a baby and gave his life for me without having the guarantee that I would love Him back or even follow Him”, expressed Yandie.

God gave us free will, which means that He gave us the option not to love Him. Jesus knew this when He came to earth, yet he chose to come due to the possibility that we might choose Him. That’s a type of love you can’t find anywhere else, and that’s a type of love worth singing about”.

Took A Chance will take you on a musical adventure, a journey of discovery. You`ll find God’s love, respond to it, fall and come back to the realisation that He (God) chose us with our flaws and all.

The song credit reveals it was written by Yandie to show an appreciation for the chance Jesus took on humanity and aims to inspire, bring hope and illustrate God’s love.

Now with two singles in the bag and a beautiful public persona, the Bristol-based artist completes her phase one introduction to the UK gospel music scene, making music fans eager to see her growth in the coming year. 

Aron Bicksey engineered “Took A Chance” in Oliver’s Studio, and Chris Chikwanah was the executive producer.

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